Salt Lake Tribune: County Mayor McAdams has earned another term

For the past four years, I have worked hard to get things done as your Salt Lake County Mayor. Bringing people together to find solutions may not make not always the splashiest headlines. Collaboration may be complex, or possibly even "boring," because "dealing with them properly involves lots of details, lots of meetings, lots of divergent interests to be accommodated, multiple levels of government to be brought onto the same page."

Yet nothing is more exciting that to see this approach result in positive outcomes for residents. That is why the Salt Lake Tribune editorial board has endorsed me for another term.

"The county has been fortunate for the past four years to have Ben McAdams serving as its mayor. He thrives on this stuff. And the voters should give him another term in office."

I believe Salt Lake County’s future is bright and that reaching across the aisle to work with anyone who has a good idea is the right thing to do. Let’s keep that approach working for everyone in Salt Lake County.