Salt Lake Tribune Poll

Did you see the news?

Today's Salt Lake Tribune confirms what we have felt all along – that working hard and getting things done for the residents of Salt Lake County resonates with voters. A new Dan Jones poll indicates that we are ahead in this election. It reaffirms my approach to not place blame or point fingers but roll up my sleeves, work in bipartisan fashion and bring people together to address challenges.

"People are happy to see my accomplishments as mayor and my ability to work across party lines and to form coalitions... they're tired of governments that do nothing but fight with each other... I dive headlong into issues that have vexed government leaders for decades. I tear down walls and build bridges."
– Mayor Ben McAdams

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We feel confident that our work is paying off, but our campaign rolls on. We may be ahead in the polls, but there are voters who haven't heard our message yet. Contact our campaign today and find out how you can get involved before Election Day.

Thanks so much for your support.