Thank you!

The results are in and I am thrilled that the people of Salt Lake County have elected me to serve as County Mayor for another term.

As I reflect back on this campaign, I am grateful for all the new friends we have made, humbled by the support of so many residents from all over the valley and I am more optimistic than ever about our future.

In my first term, we worked together to build a better community in Salt Lake County. We've created pre-kindergarten programs for low-income children, worked across the political aisle to move toward sustainable solutions to minimize homelessness, made substantial efforts to clean our air and worked to build an economy that attracts high-quality jobs.

Now that the campaign is over, I am excited to take care of my second term priorities. We need to continue to champion common-sense ideas to enhance our air quality, protect our canyon watershed for future generations, expand access to early childhood education, reform our criminal justice system and continue to lead nationally in job creation.

Thank you again for giving me this opportunity to continue my service, our success would not be possible without your support.