Thank you!

The results are in and I am thrilled that the people of Salt Lake County have elected me to serve as County Mayor for another term.

As I reflect back on this campaign, I am grateful for all the new friends we have made, humbled by the support of so many residents from all over the valley and I am more optimistic than ever about our future.

In my first term, we worked together to build a better community in Salt Lake County. We've created pre-kindergarten programs for low-income children, worked across the political aisle to move toward sustainable solutions to minimize homelessness, made substantial efforts to clean our air and worked to build an economy that attracts high-quality jobs.

Now that the campaign is over, I am excited to take care of my second term priorities. We need to continue to champion common-sense ideas to enhance our air quality, protect our canyon watershed for future generations, expand access to early childhood education, reform our criminal justice system and continue to lead nationally in job creation.

Thank you again for giving me this opportunity to continue my service, our success would not be possible without your support.

Salt Lake Tribune Poll

Did you see the news?

Today's Salt Lake Tribune confirms what we have felt all along – that working hard and getting things done for the residents of Salt Lake County resonates with voters. A new Dan Jones poll indicates that we are ahead in this election. It reaffirms my approach to not place blame or point fingers but roll up my sleeves, work in bipartisan fashion and bring people together to address challenges.

"People are happy to see my accomplishments as mayor and my ability to work across party lines and to form coalitions... they're tired of governments that do nothing but fight with each other... I dive headlong into issues that have vexed government leaders for decades. I tear down walls and build bridges."
– Mayor Ben McAdams

Read more here.

We feel confident that our work is paying off, but our campaign rolls on. We may be ahead in the polls, but there are voters who haven't heard our message yet. Contact our campaign today and find out how you can get involved before Election Day.

Thanks so much for your support.

Statement Regarding Mountain Accord Campaign Stunt

McAdams Response to Mountain Accord Campaign Stunt 

 "My opponent Dave Robinson is a canyons watershed developer with a long history of wasting taxpayer dollars using frivolous lawsuits and baseless allegations to extort development concessions.

I am proud of the work done by Mountain Accord – a bi-partisan group of elected officials, environmental stakeholders and thousands of members of the public. I am committed to running a positive campaign about my vision for the future of Salt Lake County and I’m disappointed that this partisan politicking continues.

A simple search of the public record would substantiate the truth about my opponent’s motives and track record regarding frivolous lawsuits."


Salt Lake Tribune: County Mayor McAdams has earned another term

For the past four years, I have worked hard to get things done as your Salt Lake County Mayor. Bringing people together to find solutions may not make not always the splashiest headlines. Collaboration may be complex, or possibly even "boring," because "dealing with them properly involves lots of details, lots of meetings, lots of divergent interests to be accommodated, multiple levels of government to be brought onto the same page."

Yet nothing is more exciting that to see this approach result in positive outcomes for residents. That is why the Salt Lake Tribune editorial board has endorsed me for another term.

"The county has been fortunate for the past four years to have Ben McAdams serving as its mayor. He thrives on this stuff. And the voters should give him another term in office."

I believe Salt Lake County’s future is bright and that reaching across the aisle to work with anyone who has a good idea is the right thing to do. Let’s keep that approach working for everyone in Salt Lake County.

In an emergency, seconds count.


Our new ad highlights Mayor Ben McAdams' successful effort to unify 9-1-1 systems throughout Salt Lake County. That means faster emergency response times and saved lives. Watch and enjoy!

A Collaborative Approach to Economic Development

We have a great opportunity to come together and work as partners to grow the economic pie bigger for all the citizens, cities and school districts on the west side of Salt Lake county.

I want to expand economic development with a purpose. I’m committing $200,000 towards an initiative to do just that – the Mountain View Economic Development Commission.


For too long we have been reactive, accepting, even incenting company relocations and expansions without a big-picture view of how that fits within our community’s fabric and takes full advantage of our numerous assets.

We have an international airport, a Union Pacific Intermodal terminal, a broad range of industrial, warehousing and distribution facilities.

We have the billion-dollar Mountain View Corridor and we have land.

West Jordan City, our fourth-largest city by population, needs sustainable economic development in order to support service delivery for residents and to provide a growing tax base to support schools.

South Jordan has been very successful in creating a strong employment base with advanced manufacturers like Merit Medical and Ultradent, as well as a very successful master-planned community in Daybreak.

Salt Lake County has data showing when you attract and expand advanced industries, such as medical device firms or aerospace companies, the jobs pay $21,000 a year more than the average $48,000 salary across all industries.

I want to build on the investments and assets on the west side and take an already desirable place to operate a business and make economic development even stronger.

Read more about the launch of the Mountain View Economic Development Commission in the Salt Lake Tribune here.

Climb aboard!

Our commercial is live!

When you work hard to get things done on behalf of Salt Lake County residents, it means bringing a lot of people aboard to help find solutions. That's why you have a Friend in Ben.

Kearns Softball Summit

We know that there is too much hardball in our politics today, so why not flip the script with some good ol' fashioned bipartisan softball?
You are invited to this family-friendly event at beautiful Gates Field in Kearns August, 19th at 6pm -- featuring FREE food and FREE entertainment!
Watch as Team Ben McAdams and Team Eric Hutchings are joined by community leaders from both sides of the aisle for some political softball -- for the benefit of Utah Youth Village.
Let us know you are coming on Facebook.


Hi friends,

My wife, Julie, had an idea.  Would refugees to Utah feel more at home if they were part of this year’s Days of 47 Parade and celebration? After all, she thought, this place was built by refugees and they’re just like modern-day pioneers where the pioneers were the earliest refugees.

So, she joined with local refugee advocates and “floated” the idea of Utah refugees being part of the parade. But how to explain the parade?

After she showed them some YouTube videos, the refugees caught the excitement. The Days of ’47 float they are building will feature Burundi drummers and Bhutanese dancers.  You can read more about it here.

We all want to belong, as Utahns, no matter where we came from, what traditions we follow, or what language we first learned to speak. One of the best parts of my job as Salt Lake County mayor, is meeting with people of all backgrounds and interests, and hearing their stories, and learning about their hopes and dreams for the future.

Utah is now home for some 50,000 refugees. They bring diversity, hope and courage to our community.  I’m proud to call them my neighbors and I want to continue making Salt Lake County a thriving metropolitan region that is a great place to live for all of us.

Warm regards,




It’s that time of year when we all celebrate educational milestones with friends and family – end of a school year, graduation, looking ahead at future goals. Education is the best investment we can make, as parents and as a community, in our children. That’s why I pioneered a program with private and public partners to expand access to high quality preschool for 600 low-income children in the Granite School District.  Giving these kids a leg up at an early age pays big dividends throughout their lives. It was a promise I made during my first campaign – to find innovative ways to support the education of our kids.

A few years ago, I was honored to address several hundred students at Horizonte School graduation.  These aren’t traditional high school grads, but it was a proud day for them and for their families. They had to overcome big obstacles to don a cap and gown but for the first time, as of that moment, many of them now had the wind at their backs. I have more plans to support education, and I'd  like the chance to pursue them.

My challenge is to win in November and your help will be the wind at my back.


Our 2016 campaign office is up and running! This is where the hard work of winning in November gets organized and tracked. As a loyal supporter, you’re the ‘secret sauce’ in our winning formula.  I’d love to have you come to our campaign office Open House next week and chat, get a lawn sign, grab a refreshment, meet the campaign staff and swap ideas for victory.
I know everyone has a lot going on, so if you can’t drop by this time, feel free to visit when you’re in the neighborhood. In the meantime, we’re updating our volunteer lists and would love to make sure we’ve got your current contact information. Or send this link to a friend, if you think they’d like to join the team.
I’m feeling optimistic about our race, but I’m not taking anything for granted. I know the grassroots support from hundreds of dedicated volunteers makes a critical difference in our margin of victory. Thank you for your past support and for your help this year. Together, we’ll be able to say we’re doing county business for the next four years and continue to build on our progress.
See you at the party,


They say laughter is the best medicine. And in this political season, it sure seems like we can all use a little medication (am I right?!). That's why I am especially excited for this year's United We Stand (Up!) comedy event. Join us June 1st at the Rail Events Center in Salt Lake City where Democrats, Republicans, comedians, elected officials (and normal well-adjusted folks too) will all come together around one common goal -- to laugh.

You won't want to miss the main event, folks -- as we will be roasting none other than Utah Speaker of the House, Mr. Greg Hughes. And thanks to a generous contributor, this $200 ticket is available for a limited time for $50 per person.  Click here to sign up for the "Activist Ticket" at United We Stand (Up!).
I look forward to sharing some laughs with you!


One of the best aspects of being Salt Lake County Mayor is meeting the people that make this such a great place to work and live – people like Mark Gines and his family in Kearns.

Mark heads a family-owned business that has served his community for 56 years. Recently, Gines Auto Service hosted a day of giving back to the community in honor of the 100th anniversary of ACDelco. The family offered free repairs to families without the means to repair their vehicles and offered free car-seat safety checks as well.

Small businesses are the heart of our local economy. Salt Lake County’s job is to balance the budget, provide efficient and effective county services and not get in the way of the hard-working people who pay the bills.

Just as Kearns is a community on the rise, I believe the entire county has a bright future where children receive a good education, healthy air to breathe, and safe neighborhoods with good parks, libraries and recreation centers.

Thanks for your support. I wouldn’t be here without it.



Taking Care of Business: McAdams cites accomplishments such as high-quality preschool, environmental and criminal justice reform and minimizing homelessness

SALT LAKE CITY, April 8, 2016 – Flanked by supporters, friends and bipartisan community leaders,Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams announced his bid for reelection today, highlighting several key first-term accomplishments and his vision for Salt Lake County’s future.

“On my watch, Salt Lake County has been a government where people find solutions by coming together, rolling up their sleeves and finding common ground,” said McAdams. “The county is a thriving metro area, leading out on jobs and economic growth, public safety, fiscal discipline and responsive government.”

The Mayor has already established a long list of achievements during his first term including: high quality preschool initiatives, environmental reforms, criminal justice reforms and quicker 911 systems, strong economic growth while maintaining strong fiscal discipline, adding a new senior center, and laying the groundwork for minimizing homelessness—to name a few.

“Ben is a proven leader who has put politics an aside and worked closely with law enforcement
throughout our community to keep the public safe,” said Salt Lake County Sheriff Jim Winder. “With his help, we’ve solved a major flaw in our 9-1-1 emergency dispatch system, cutting down on response times and ultimately saving lives.”

In addition to continuing to build upon his accomplishments, an ongoing issue for the Mayor will be
minimizing homelessness. With new funding from the legislature in 2016, Salt Lake County will focus
specifically on creating a safe path forward for individuals and families suffering from homelessness,
providing an efficient service delivery to move them into stable and self-sufficient living.

“On my watch, I said there’s got to be a way to harness all the effort and goodwill in Utah to help the
homeless and reach our goal of safe, secure housing for everyone,” said McAdams. “I am as committed to the people of Salt Lake County as I have ever been. And, if the wonderful citizens will allow do me the honor of supporting me as their mayor for another four years, I will work every bit as hard to ensure the initiatives we have begun will drive us forward to an even brighter future.”